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Cosmoledo Atoll

How about a visit to the “GT Capital” of the world?

Cosmoledo is widely recognized as the most prolific flats-based GT fishery on the planet. During our time on Cosmoledo, we’ve experienced some of the raw and chaotic GT mania that unfolds on its flats and along its reefs. But we’ve also become aware that Cosmoledo has lots more to offer than just giant trevally. There are huge permit around, milkfish can be caught in the lagoon and along the drop offs, triggerfish lurk around the many coral gardens and turtlegrass flats, and big, hearty bonefish can be targeted on the many pearlescent sand flats. Cosmoledo is wild – and everything from camp life, to the stunning vistas and action-packed fishing is mind-blowing.

The Fishing

Expect to do a mix of wet wading across big flats, surf walks, and long hauls on the skiff, perched on the casting platform in front, ready for action. Cosmoledo is known for its great GT fishing, but come with an open mind. Keep an eye out for- and catch whatever fish you come across, but always have that 12-weight ready at hand in case a school of GT’s come charging in looking for panicky prey fish to hunt and devour.

The Gear

You’ll need three different setups ready-to-go, when fishing Cosmoledo: An 8-weight bonefish/permit setup, a 9- or 10-weight triggerfish rod, and a 12-weight GT rod. Also, you might want to bring a full-sinking line, if you’d like to see what hides in the depths off the atoll’s coral reefs. (Not for the faint-hearted!)

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