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Conservation: Large-scale mapping shows Salmon lice push sea trout towards crisis

Salmon lice from aquaculture poses massive threat to wild sea trout populations, as researchers develop approach vital for prioritizing management measures. BY Trine Hay Setsaas, The state of sea trout in 1251 Norwegian watercourses, spanning 16 000 km of rivers and lakes, was assessed using a scoring system for human pressures, abundance data and local…

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Fly Tying:The CDC Stickleback

Stickleback provide an abundant food source for seatrout throughout most of the year – particularly in the fjords and in brackish coastal regions. Stickleback are also a prevalent source of protein for lots of brown trout in small lakes and slow-flowing rivers. As a result, it always pays off to have a few good stickleback…

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Wiggle Sandeel

Seatrout generally love big protein-rich prey items so, when targeting them, you shouldn’t be afraid of using big flies. Especially from late spring throughout the summer months and well into fall, seatrout feed ferociously on prey fish such as herring, sprattus, gobius, stickleback and sandeel. And the latter are typically found along relatively shallow coastal…

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