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Discovering Belize

Discovering Belize with Switch Productions   For those intrigued by saltwater angling or eager to delve into its depths, Belize offers a cornucopia of opportunities. Plus, escaping the bleak Scandinavian winter for the tropical climes of Belize is an irresistible proposition for any avid angler. By Switch Productions - We traversed vast expanses of…

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Divine Providence

Providence.  The far western Seychelles.  As remote as it gets. 438 miles south-west of the capital, Mahe and about a million miles from anywhere. This wild and stunningly beautiful atoll was first discovered in 1501 by Portuguese explorer Joao da Nova, and it is just about as pristine now as it was five hundred long year…

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Tropical Escapism in the Indian Ocean

Imagine a remote atoll delimited by pearly-white, palm-strewn beaches; a secluded and wondrous getaway surrounded by flickering azure blue water and set amidst a seemingly endless excess of alluring flats bathed in warm sunlight. Now, add to that a vast number of powerful fish species randomly revealing their ghost-like shadows along the edges of these…

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