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Discovering Belize with Switch Productions


For those intrigued by saltwater angling or eager to delve into its depths, Belize offers a cornucopia of opportunities. Plus, escaping the bleak Scandinavian winter for the tropical climes of Belize is an irresistible proposition for any avid angler.

By Switch Productions –

We traversed vast expanses of water, shadowing immense schools of bonefish, leaping after tarpon silhouetted against the setting sun, and engaging in epic battles with permit across sprawling flats. Days melded into a frenzy of activity as we pursued jacks and tuna, feeling the strain in our arms, landing African pompano with expertly cast popper flies, and thrilling to the adrenaline-pumping runs of barracuda.

Each dawn heralded a fresh cascade of experiences. We absorbed invaluable lessons on the ebb and flow of tides, the capricious dance of winds across the flats, and the art of selecting the perfect fly for every condition, especially when targeting the elusive permit. While we can hardly lay claim to mastery, our time on the water alongside the legendary permit guide, Lincoln Westby of Blue Horizon, ignited a deeper understanding of this intricate fishery.

Yet, success demands dedication. It’s a journey fraught with toil, frustration, and an endless carousel of emotions. But therein lies the allure—the sense of triumph born from perseverance, driving us to return year after year, hungry for more.


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